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Willow Glen Productions is a partnership that has been doing web development, computer programming, photography, and graphic design since 1995. We have built many custom web sites both large and small.

Market Street Web Sites is a product we created to address the needs of the small business. The idea is to provide a web site structure which is filled with content stored in a database. This reduces costs because every MSWS web site is sharing a lot of programming. It also makes it easy to update the site content and makes it possible to have site content that changes based on dates stored in the database.

Market Street Web Sites require extensive support databases and programs. While technically possible, it is not practical or economical to copy the MSWS databases and code to third party servers.

Assuming all the information we need is available, most web sites can be up in less than a week. We will give you a specific date on request.

Market Street Web Sites are intended for small businesses with relatively low traffic volumes, small numbers of pages, and small numbers of SKUs (for E-Commerce). We have not set arbitrary limits for volume, pages, or SKUs. When we evaluate your requirements, we will tell you if we think you are going to be too big for an MSWS web site and suggest a custom web site for you.

This is a complex question and we can only give you some guidelines.
The actual submission is fairly easy. You go to the search engine (,, etc.) and find the "add my site" button, fill out the information and that's about it. Some engines, like yahoo, want to charge businesses to be listed.
Whether or not you pay is up to you.
For a small fee, we will submit your site to a number of search engines each month. This is considered by some to enhance your chances of being listed.
You can also subscribe to a service to do your submissions. We can give you some references if you ask.

This is the $64,000 question. As far as we can tell the answer changes daily.
The best answer we have is the following:
Submit your site monthly to the major engines.
Make sure your keywords and site description are accurate.
Link to other sites and have them link to your site.
You may also elect to advertise on some of the search engines. Google adwords is an excellent program for this.

We wanted to provide a product that was affordable to small businesses. Market Street Web Sites are totally database driven, we create your web site by making entries in a database. When you make changes, you change the database. This allows us to write the actual pages once and share them among all the MSWS customers.
This approach had produced some surprising benefits besides just reduced cost. We can offer substantially more dynamic features than a typical small business web site. It also reduces our testing requrements, because testing one site is in effect testing that page type for all sites.

We are happy to quote custom web site development.


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